Friday catblogging – Happy New Year

Gilda in a basket in the bathroom of my old home. Because we have so many cats, we never had a decorated Christmas Tree, otherwise would be instantly destroyed… 🙂

First of all, Happy New Year to everyone! I have released Planet Stronghold alpha 0.8, which features lot of new content! If you’re interested in trying the demo or buying the game please visit the game website.

Then, a quick update on what you can expect in the next months:

Role Playing Games

Beside Planet Stronghold, which will be finished at end of January 2011, I plan to start 2-3 more RPGs. I love RPGs and I always wanted to make them, but in the past I was lacking proper funds and/or technical knowledge to make decent ones. Now, using Planet Stronghold RPG framework I can expand it and create new RPGs. Most of them will be in fantasy setting though, since it’s the most common/popular one (unless Planet Stronghold is so successful that convinces me to make add-on/sequels). I have already a good collaborator of mine who is starting creating the main game plot, character sketches, and so on. Another one should start hopefully in next months, and I want to do another myself as well. So the 2011 will be surely full of RPGs!

Adventure Games

I am still in love with my character of Vera Blanc, despite the first two episodes not being really topsellers. As I posted several times if I make a third episode, it will be an adventure (first person) and not a visual novel, since the adventure style integrates better with that kind of game. I have already a plot for the story, but since it requires lot of money, it’s still a risky decision, so if I make it, won’t be before next summer, or even later during Fall/Winter of 2011.

Visual Novels / Dating Sims

Of course I’ll keep making them! Flower Shop 2 release is really close, is just a matter of few months. But since is tied to external factors (artists finishing some pieces) I won’t dare to name a date for it. Instead I can already say that very likely the otome game “Remember Me” will be ready around February/March 2011, since the plot is completely written and need only to code the “simulation part” of it and do testing/balancing. Depending how my other projects go, I could make more VN/Dating Sims, but they’ll be mixed with simulation games.

Strategy / Simulation Games

In 2011 perhaps I will finally release the sequel of Spirited Heart. I have yet to start coding it though, so is probably more accurate to say that in 2011 I’ll begin coding it, which is a bit different. It won’t be ready probably before 2012, also because I have in mind some online-features (probably optional) that could improve the gameplay a lot, so I am not sure yet I’ll use Ren’Py to code this one.
There will be for sure more strategy/simulation games coming in 2011 though. A remake of my game Universal Boxing Manager, this time with the fights completlely in 3d realtime, is under production! Is made in partnership with a good 3d coder who is going to use Unity3d to power the 3d simulation. It’s probably my biggest/most ambitious game to date and the 2011 will be mainly focused on it. I hope will do well since I’d like to port more of my old games into 3d or start new ones.
As I said I might also find the time to do a sort of light-strategy/time management game based on Heileen settings. In particular, Heileen 2 settings (pirates, the caribbean). The game could be played as normal strategy game or with visual novel cut-scenes (they’ll be optional). This will be a sort of experiment since I am not sure if/when I’ll finish it. Let’s say I’ll work on it on my spare time and when it’s done, is done 🙂

Online Games

Almost every year I say “next year I’ll make one”. So, this time I won’t say it! But, I would like to try making one, even if I am not sure I’ll find the time…or better, if I’ll find the right person, since I’m probably going to outsource the coding (will be most likely done in Flash or HTML5). Or if the new interesting BRL:monkey project from Mark Sibly (creator of Blitzmax) gets released, I might use that and do everything myself.

So in conclusion, looks like the 2011 will be a year full of new releases! Happy New Year again!!

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11 Responses to Friday catblogging – Happy New Year

  1. Igor Savin says:

    /this time with the fights completlely in 3d realtime/

    May I humbly say… DON’T!!

    The point is, 3D is both complicated and expensive to do right. Basic 3D looks awful.

    Nicely drawn 2D is much, much better. See GSB.

    Don’t jump the 3D bandwagon just for the gimmickiness of it. Remember EarthWorm Jim 3D. Simon the Sorcerer 3D. Ugly mess in which lovely Railroad Tycoon series turned after it became 3D.

    Is it really worth it?

    • admin says:

      For that kind of game yes, is worth it I think. It won’t be basic, it won’t be AAA quality either but from what I’ve seen so far on par with other indie games. The fact is that with 3d you can see exactly where the boxer punches the opponent, have better/more realistic KO, in general is a better experience.
      For many games the passage from 2d to 3d is useless or in some cases damages gameplay, but for this one I don’t think so. The previous version is almost 7 years old anyway and needed a restyling 😀

  2. MaximB says:

    I’m sad to hear that you will use Unity for the Boxing game, as Unity doesn’t support Linux.

    Also, when you talk about cRPG’s, you mean the “visual story” cRPG’s – right ? or the other kinds (isometric, 3D, 1st person…the usual…).

    I mean there is a HUGE difference between visual story cRPG’s and games like Fallout, Realms of Arkania, Eschelon books, NWN etc…).

    • admin says:

      Yes it’s sad that unity still doesn’t support linux 🙁 unfortunately I had to go with the tool my coder knows better… (don’t know honestly if there are any linux 3d engines comparable to unity). I hope unity adds linux support somewhere in near future!
      About cRPG, yes mainly using Planet Stronghold system so more visual story, even if one of them has also some basic map2d system. I won’t dare yet to try an isomap because is rather complex for my standards, but maybe in future… and there is also a dungeon master style game that is still in stand-by (have to wait for the coder to finish another game first) but that could still be started next year (and that would be a true cRPG!).

  3. Sakura M. says:

    🙁 Sad to hear that ‘Remember Me’ won’t be til Feb/Mar since it seems so far away but I’m happy that it’s going to be release :). How long do you think an estimated gameplay would be? As for ‘Flower Shop 2’, it would be interesting to see that release in summer (but not really cause that would be too far) and seeing the characters in winter clothing when it’s summer ^^.

    I wish you success for both the solar and lunar new year!

    • admin says:

      Well I put that date because I prefer to do a good job 🙂 Remember Me is going to have some simulation parts too so takes more time to balance/test than a simple visual novel or dating sim. Estimated gameplay will depend on reading speed but I think will be like Flower Shop 1, since to get all the various guys you’ll need to raise your stats to specific levels. I have yet to see if add also a ice-cream shop minigame or not 🙂
      About Flower Shop 2 it should be really out before summer!!! 😀 I hope it will be ready before Remember Me, actually. The writing AFAIK is almost done, and beside the minigame and some testing there are only the final CGs left to do. Depends on the artist mostly 😉

  4. Sakura M. says:

    An ice-cream shop minigame? O_O Would that be similar to the ones you see in the iTunes app store where you have to take orders from customers and do the whole she-bang. That would be an interesting concept, but the mini-game, in terms of game play, would be nothing new.

    As long as Flower Shop 2 comes out before Spring arrives, all should be well right? 😉

    Anyway, as for your other mentions about if you were to make more otome games, it would have a mixed of simulation in it right? So…that would in, in concept, something akin to raising-stats otome game am I correct? I guess an example of that would be Re:Alistar++ or the Tokimeki series. To date, I noticed that most of your VN/dating games are set in a realistic setting. …Probably the exception of Spirited Heart. What other genres are you hoping to hit in 2011?

    • admin says:

      Well it would be different, not really a time management game, and it would be optional. Even flower shop farming sim is nothing original but was fun I think. But I don’t want to force the player to play the minigame, so will be optional (if I make it).
      Yes the other games would have simulation or strategy elements. In 2011 I should be able to release a new otome/RPG/strategy game which I don’t have a name for it yet 😀 but would be fantasy, and you would control a group of three sisters who steal from the rich. I have already contacted an artist and should start art production soon. If I can make it how I have in mind I think could be fun.
      Another game would be Heileen 3 with a sort of strategy/city builder gameplay element. As for pure VN / dating sim I don’t know yet, since my main problem is writing them, otherwise I would make much more 🙂

  5. Sakura M. says:

    Hmm, I think you should make it–if you feel like it–since it will give people a break from the monopoly of auto-ing the skills. Though, there should be some type of reward from playing an optional mini-game. I think.

    Wow, the new unknown otome game kinda reminds me a bit of Robin Hood…just by the fact that the sisters steal from the rich. Already that sounds interesting as most otome plots deal with solving a case (ie. mystery, fulfill a goal). And I do love RPGs, are the monsters/enemies going to be like the kind you’ll see in the Atelier series–meaning, cutesy types–or the general type (like…typical monsters). Ah, still I’m more interested in the plot. 3 sisters that you would control. …Wait, if this is an otome game, does that mean each sister gets a significant other? Or only one sister gets to have somebody and do you determine which sister deserves happiness?? Haha, now I have something to look forward to near the end of this year.

    My advice in writing a pure VN/dating sim would be to watch chick flicks. Though as a guy…I’m not sure if you’ll be able to pick up the subtleties that females will get. Like in a case with my bff’s bf, he was wondering why this guy from “Letters to Juliet” is such a jerk and yet we, females, awed over that. But it’s a start?

    I forgot to ask, but just to be sure, both ‘Remember Me’ and “Flower Shop 2” are commercials am I correct? Any chance of a deal if you buy two of them together? And what ever happen to “Love & Order” ? Is that still on-going? =(

    • admin says:

      The minigame – yes I would make optional. You would get normal cash (with a bit of random to reflect good/bad days like in normal life) automatically. Then you could choose to do the optional ice-cream minigame to earn bonus money. The money in the game can be spent for various stuff like buying books, ticket to cinema, etc etc so will be useful to influence the story every day(not like flower shop where the money would influence only the final ending).
      About the otome RPG, there will be 3 dateable guys, so any of the 3 girls could match with one of the 3 guys, making it 3×3=9 possible “love combo” 😀 So if you play everything right you could find a love for all the three girls in a single playthrough, even if probably that would be quite hard (and you might want to retry to see different combinations).
      Also the game will not be a pure RPG, there will be fights like Planet Stronghold but more strategy involved (ie, if you can avoid a fight you should, and the game will give bonus XP for that).
      To write the dialogues for this game will probably get a real female writer so it will be more suitable to girls (I can’t write well otome stuff ^_^).

      Both will be commercial (I never made a freeware in my life, lol) but there will be the usual 15% discount if you buy together, or even an extra discount for newsletter subscribers/preorders like I usually do with all my games. Love & Order is still going and is close to being finished but depends on Christine Love, so I can’t say much else.. I hope she finishes it soon though!

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